Three-Piece Swimsuits Will Be the Biggest Swim Trend of 2021

Three-Piece Swimsuits Will Be the Biggest Swim Trend of 2021

There are new swim trends that bubble up each year before summer, but this time around there’s one that’s too big to ignore: three-piece swimsuits. Already spotted in countless TikTok videos, the trend has gone viral and is poised to be the biggest swimsuit trend this summer. What exactly are three-piece swimsuits, though? Like the name suggests, it goes beyond just a bikini with an extra coordinating item that completes the look.

Matching skirts are especially popular pieces to add to a bikini to tap into the trend, but we’re also seeing everything from pants and shorts to shirts and hats, which have been finished in the same fabric. This is yet another cool way to wear the matchy-matchy outfits that have been popularized recently, especially among the Gen Z set.

I personally love the idea of having an easy item to throw over a swimsuit to transition from a beach look to something that feels like a more finished outfit. With optimistic thoughts about a vacation on the horizon, this is the first thing I would pack in my suitcase. Here, see more about the cool three-piece swimsuit trend and how insiders are already wearing it.

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