11 Clothing Brands Women in Their 30s Wear on Repeat

11 Clothing Brands Women in Their 30s Wear on Repeat

Upon recently taking inventory of my closet to see what I need for this coming summer, I couldn’t help but notice how devoted to certain brands I am, but I suppose we all are. As someone who does 99% of my shopping online, I tend to stick to brands that I know will fit and have a quality level that I’m happy with. And now that I’m halfway through my 30s, I think I can figure out whether or not a brand suits my life and aesthetic pretty quickly.

Based on the 11 brands I’ve singled out below, you can probably conclude that my style is on the casual side (I live in the South and work from home), and I prefer mid-range (price-wise) brands that are as classic as they are on-trend. Interestingly enough, some of these brands have been in my closet since my 20s, and I predict some will stay in my closet through my 40s. You’re probably familiar with all of these, but they’re universally adored for a reason—they’re that good.

Keep scrolling to shop my go-to brands in my 30s.

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