The 10 Best Nail Polish Strengtheners for Weak Nails

The 10 Best Nail Polish Strengtheners for Weak Nails

For so many beauty lovers, nails are a point of pride. Whether it’s a devotion to gel extensions, at-home manicures, or cool designs, how we style our nails is one of those elements of our beauty routines that allow for untethered self-expression. And one thing is for certain: Your nails will always look their best when they’re at their best strength-wise. 

Perfectly manicured shapes and nail beds coated in one of the year’s most popular polish shades are great, but there’s more we can do to make sure our nails are primed for slayage. After all, no one wants flimsy nails that break and peel, destroying all that creative energy we’ve painted on. In many cases, improving nail strength is as easy as swiping on a treatment or base meant to impart strengthening nourishment to stop bending and breaking for good.

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