18 ’90s Sunglasses for Women That Are Trending in 2021

18 '90s Sunglasses for Women That Are Trending in 2021

The resurgence of the ’90s in the fashion world is so widespread today that even when I was looking into the trends to feature in this story, I forgot that some were throwbacks and not something particularly new. I shouldn’t be surprised, since fashion is circular and trends are always coming in and out of style, but the ’90s hold on the fashion world is strong—and it’s not letting go anytime soon, especially with eyewear.

With one look through red carpet and street style imagery from the past, you’d find plenty of sunglasses to add to your wardrobe for good. From Jennifer Lopez’s rectangular frames to the almost-identical pairs today spotted all over Instagram, the revivals are happening, and I have a feeling they’re staying for a while. I bought a pair of Adam Selman sunglasses based on the ’90s vibe a few years ago, and they’re still in my accessory rotation today, so I promise you’ll get solid use out of the styles below. 

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