6 Nordstrom Brands That Stock the Best Wardrobe Staples

6 Nordstrom Brands That Stock the Best Wardrobe Staples

Nordstrom is one of my go-to stores for a range of items. You too? Excellent. You might be quite interested in what’s coming your way. This mega-retailer more or less stocks something for every style. So when my friends ask me for advice on which stores to check out for new wardrobe staples, I routinely suggest Nordy. In fact, there are a few key brands sold at the retailer that I specifically recommend to many.

It’s this curation of labels that consistently stocks the items that catch my attention. Here, I’m talking about pieces like trendy basics (reworked shirting and oversize blazers), quality denim silhouettes, and versatile layering pieces. On that note, I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite brands at Nordstrom right now. Keep scrolling for more of a debrief, including shopping picks if you’re interested in adding something new into your rotation.

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