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    Yanik Silver's Billionaire lessons

    Ok here's the deal - I want to give you the insights from 20 different billionaires for just $84.40. (Hey, that's like $4.22 per  billionaire) ;)  Let me explain...
    Last week, my family and I got back from Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson's private island in the BVIs. This was my fourth visit to the island with our Maverick1000 group and a joint trip I run with my
    buddy Joe Polish. Each year I take away new lessons, insights and 'secrets' that I jot
    down in my journal from the Virgin billionaire. And many of them have come from being able to observe how Richard operates across multiple situations. Now I was planning on keeping them private but realized
    there might be a more interesting use for them.  I'll come back to that in a second...

    On of the first trip to Necker with me was my friend, Rick Sapio, founder of Mutual Capital Alliance. He's an incredible entrepreneur who's company's holdings include own publicly traded mutual funds, 11
    different startups and significant real estate. Now Rick was sorta my partner in crime on the first trip to Necker
    where we were both "kicked off the island" as a prank. Now I didn't  know it at the time but Rick had made it a point to spend time with 10 different billionaires to study (and Richard Branson) was one of them.
    His journey actually doubled to include 20 different billionaires to  document the lessons learned.

    I believe Rick has only ever shared this with super elite  entrepreneurs who have paid thousands in be in a room to hear him however last night I texted him and asked if he'd be willing to jump on a call to share what he's discovered. Want to be on there? Keep  reading for how to be included.  How this all ties together...

    The final common thread between Sir Richard Branson and what we're discussing here is one of the newest Virgin companies - Virgin  Galactic. As passenger #144, I'm probably most excited about this
    venture to carry private citizens into space and it wouldn't be possible without the efforts of one man, Dr. Peter Diamandis. Peter talked to the Maverick group previously about how he conceived  the X-Prize that awarded $10M for the craft that could successfully go up into space twice in one week. It was this prize that spurred Burt  Rutan of Scaled Composites to come up with the design for Spaceship  One. And after winning the X-Prize in 2004, Burt's company licensed  the technology to Virgin Galactic (btw - there are quite a few lessons  there too.)
    The use of incentive prizes is just one way Peter has correctly shown how exponential technology can be harnessed to make a bigger impact across the planet. Peter has just released a new best-selling book
    called "Abundance" and along with his co-author Steven Kotler, they  have the audacity to claim we'll be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman and child on this planet in the upcoming
    future. It's a pretty bold (and very contrarian) perspective that's  backed by several convergences.

    Combined together Abundance cites, exponential technology, technophilantrophists (think Gates foundation), the DIY innovator and the rising billions as catalysts for this positive change. How?

    Abundance outlines the fundamental reasons why innovations and breakthroughs WILL occur. The answer Curiosity, Fear, Greed and Significance.

    1. Curiosity - This is the desire to find out why and drives
      much of science (according to the book - the weakest of the bunch).
    2. Fear - Extraordinary fear enables extraordinary risk-taking.
      The example cited in the book is about the U.S's response
      to the Soviet space programs success.
    3. Wealth - There's surely a whole lot of money to be made
      from these new technologies and provided exceptional value.
    4. Significance - We cannot underestimate what people will do
      for their legacy. I think Bill Gates greatest contribution will be
      his foundation that provides more impact than even Microsoft has.

    I think the message about abundance in this book is absolutely
    imperative to the 'producers' of today. It's hard not to be
    discouraged while being bombarded with messages about how 'bad' things
    are. Whether it's the economy falling off a cliff, global resource
    being depleted or even the possibility of the Mayans being right about
    the end of the world.

    So here's what I'm willing to do to help get this message spread even

    For the first 100 people who step up and buy 5 copies of the new
    Abundance book - I'm going to provide 2 bonuses that you cannot buy.

    1. My personal notes from the 4 Necker Island weeks with Sir Richard
    2. Access to the private call I will do with Rick Sapio on his Billionaire
      Lessons Learned. He has now learned from more than 20 of them
      including the common attributes of the some of the most effective
      people on the globe.

    Important instructions:

    1) Please use this link to buy the book (it is not an affiliate link
    for me - but it tracks the book orders) -

    This link takes you to where the book is currently on sale
    for $16.88. So that means 5 books is $16.88 x 5 = $84.40

    And for a whopping $84.40 you get 20 billionaire blueprints and my
    private notes. Nice, right?

    2) Send in your receipt to this email:

    Once we've verified your receipt and if you're one of the first 100
    people, you'll get instructions on when the call will be scheduled and
    copies of my private notes.

    Go ahead and make your order now so you can make sure you get in for
    the call!

    All the best,

    Yanik Silver

    P.S. Want to be blown away? Watch Peter's TED talk about Abundance here

    It's one of the most watched TED videos already and it just got
    posted! Do yourself and the people you care about a favor and buy this
    book and spread the message that our futures really are bigger than
    our past.

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