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    When To Expect Marketing Results

    This is an age old Marketing question that I'm going to attempt to answer but keep

    in mind that what works for me might not necessarilly work for you because

    everybody's different and have different time constrictions and motivation. I


    make guarantees but I can pretty much guarantee you that you'll have to work like


    dog for at least 30 days straight before you even begin to see some decent



    1. Blogging is very important and Wordpress rules in the blogging world, they have

    great widgets and powerful ranking in Google. If you're looking for a great free

    Wordpress blog, I strongly suggest


    2. Free Press Releases are another powerful tool I use that gives me some powerful

    link love. Anybody can get to the top of Google but the trick is how long can you

    stay there?


    3. Articles are another tool I use in my advertising arsenal.


    4. You Tube is way too powerful to ignore, what I do is find people who I can farm

    out some of my video work to and have them create a video for me and I find


    else who can get me views and subscribers.


    5. Marketing sites are another important tool to be used for link love, don't just

    register to a site and sit there, get involved and put your link in your


    If you contribute to a Marketing site most people don't mind when you sprinkle a

    little Marketing in the mix.


    6. I normally pay someone to create a Facebook fan page for me, I pay no more than

    $5 to get these jobs done.


    7. Twitter can't be ignored either, register with a good business name and build

    your list naturally because you want targeted people on your list.


    8. RSS feeds is another tool I use, you get that from your blog, then I registered

    my RSS feed with Feedburner. A lot of people allow RSS feeds to intimidate them


    the meaning of RSS is, Real Simple Solution. You figure the rest out. Its not

    rocket science.

    The answer to the question is that you can expect to wait for months for SEO

    Marketing results, the best thing I suggest is that if you're blogging try to

    create original content because Google loves it and will index original content



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