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    Solavei's NDAs have been lifted - Share Solavei to the World

    It's happening in THE LANE! And it's happening fast!

    You have joined a movement that will change commerce as we know it, and make life better for millions of people.  Up to this point you have been keeping the message of Solavei confidential and sharing the Solavei vision with your personal connections under NDA.  Although we have had a controlled process, through your passion and initiative, the message has spread to become a Revolution.
    Today marks two key milestone in our journey - the NDAs have been lifted and we have kicked-off our Media Campaign.  Check out our inaugural press release on tomorrow morning. Also, a rebroadcast of tonights Webinar Event will be shown tomorrow, July 26th at 6pm Pacific Time.   

    Please utilize the following link: 
    Password: solavei726
    Remember, it’s simple, $49 4G Nationwide Unlimited Voice, Text and Data that actually pays you back.
    We are empowering you with the tools that will allow you to continue to build the Solavei brand.  At your fingertips, you have everything needed to share the inspirational message of hope.  The 'Share Now' tab has been created in THE LANE to include key details about Solavei and how to leverage your social networks to share the message.
    Spread the word, you are the Revolution!
    The Solavei Team

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