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    Solavei Mobile Network and Coverage

    Solavei Mobile Network & Coverage

    On Solavei’s network you enjoy the benefits of our blazing fast 4G services where you can browse the Internet and use voice services simultaneously. Solavei  provides Unlimited Voice, Text and Data anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands). For more information see Mobile Service Overview.

    The Coverage Check Tool (Coming Soon!)
    The Coverage Check tool displays voice and data levels of coverage in specific locations.

    •    Review the 3G/4G map to check for service availability at the locations you need it most like home, work and places regularly visited.
    •    Review the 2G/Voice map for basic voice and data capabilities if the 3G/4G map does not display available service on the Solavei Network.

    The tool shows seven levels of coverage:
    •    Excellent: Great signal both outdoor and indoor
    •    Very Strong: Strong signal both outdoor and indoor
    •    Good: Good signal outdoor and near windows when indoors
    •    Satisfactory: Good signal outdoor with limited indoor service
    •    2G (only shown on the 3G/4G map):  Ability to make calls, send and receive text messages and browse
    •    Service Partner: Also known as Domestic Roaming is when the service is provided by a Roaming Partner, typically data services are at 2G speeds
    •    No Service: No service is available from Solavei or a Domestic Roaming Partner

    You may notice differences between what is expected in the Solavei Coverage Tool and your actual coverage based on variables such as time of day, terrain (tall trees, peaks and valleys), materials used in the construction of buildings or homes and weather.

    Domestic Roaming
    Domestic roaming outside of the Solavei coverage area is included in the $49 unlimited offer, however it does come at a cost to Solavei. Solavei and our Social Members are partnered to keep operating cost low, we ask Members to be aware of the high cost to Solavei by avoiding roaming for extended periods of time. Our activation process will discourage members living out of Solavei coverage from activating service, however, in the event that members do activate and are excessively roaming, Solavei reserves the right to cancel the service of those Members.

    International Roaming
    •     The ability to roam internationally with your Solavei SIM will not be available initially at the time of launch. Canada and Mexico are considered international and would not be available for roaming.
    •    Solavei mobile phones however can be used internationally without the Solavei SIM card, some options include:
    ◦    Connect to Wi-Fi and use data and VOIP calls such as Skype calling
    ◦    Purchase a prepaid SIM at the international location and use in your Solavei phone.

    Mobile Broadband and Tethering
    Mobile Broadband and tethering service will not be available at Solavei’s Commercial launch.

    The Solavei team will continue to deploy additional services to delight our members in the near future.

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