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    Posted Feb 26, 2012
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    What really separates Minerva Worldwide Rewards from a lot of opportunities I have seen is it’s model for business. Minerva Rewards is CONTENT DRIVEN, not product driven. As Minerva Rewards begins building it’s new website, Minerva Place, it will feature content from all of the top celebrities, doctors, makeup artists, and beauty experts from around the world.

    Just as Travelocity deals with Travel and Amazon with books and CDs, Minerva Place is being set up to be the #1 go to place for health and beauty information on the entire net.

    What does this mean for you? It means that building a business is as simple as promoting free content and distributing well written articles and videos to those you know. Minerva Worldwide Rewards will work because products are hard to sell to people on the net…free information is passed around freely and easily.

    And then, Minerva worldwide will then take every sale on any product featured on their site purchased from those you shared the Minerva Place community with, and give YOU the commission! Sounds like a pretty lucrative comp plan to me.

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