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    Minerva Place Worldwide Affiliate Member Update

    The multi-phase rollout of Minerva Place is now complete. Minerva Place celebrates its first week of live operation, which followed the two week transition from pre-enrollment to the
    roll out of have demonstrated your excitement by sharing Minerva Place with friends, family and acquaintances. Your enthusiasm for the original, entertaining and informative content is measured by the kind of high volume traffic rarely enjoyed by a new online destination in just one week!
    Google reports that visitors and members are spending significant time on your personal sites enjoying an unusually high number of pages. Congratulations to all Affiliate members for the incredible marketing introduction and initial traffic directed to MinervaPlace. You have exceeded our expectations.
    All replicated websites have been delivered as well as all replicated MinervaRewards websites. Premier Member Kits and product orders will be delivered to all members this week. Traffic Academy is officially open and can be accessed by logging into Minerva Place . The first installment of Traffic Academy is available and was presented in Saturday's Traffic Academy webinar. If you missed the webinar, we recorded it for you:
    So, who will be going to Times Square in New York City to see their picture shown on the JumboTron? At this stage, any affiliate member can win this contest. It's totally up for grabs. Just follow the simple steps outlined in Saturday's Traffic Academy webinar and you stand a very good chance to win first class airfare for two to the Big Apple along with accommodations at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel. Your Minerva Place invitation tickets will be handed out in Times Square as your picture displays directly above on the big screen. This promises to be the time of your life as thousands see you honored in New York City. You can do it! Anybody can win! Go for it!
    So, what's next? How do you as an affiliate member capitalize (and win the contest) with this incredible opportunity? It's all about setting your goals and engaging.
    Write out your goals. What do you want from this business?
    Watch Saturday's webinar, takes notes...take action.
    Attend the daily 1 pm est motivational call.
    Attend (with guests) the Tuesday and Thursday Founding Member Opportunity calls.
    Attend Saturday's webinar.

    Register for the $10,000 Weight loss contest.
    Stay connected on the Minerva Place Facebook and the Blog sites.
    Get excited. This is the opportunity of a lifetime!
    Don't get left behind. Now is the time to take action. Take advantage of the official launch excitement of Minerva Place  and reach out to your connections before somebody else does. Word is spreading rapidly. Remember, as you build your community, you're building future financial freedom.

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