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    Jason Tucker Cash Texts new head of forum and facebook fanpage

    Cash Texts would like to introduce the team to our Cash Texts field correspondent Jason Tucker.  He will be heading up our Cash Texts Forum and FB fan page.   Just so you get to know Jason a little better we have included some info about his personal journey.
    About Jason Tucker:
    Receiving his first computer at the age of 5, and earning income by helping people set up and repair their computers by the age of 10, Jason has had over 20 years experience in the IT industry. He is knowledgeable in all things tech, and stays up-to-date with the latest trends. He is proficient in a wide variety of systems, and is an effective web designer and administrator.
    Jason also has an extensive background in marketing, real estate, and investing. He was introduced to the financial world when he helped his grandfather with payroll for his business at the age of 12, and began investing in stocks and mutual funds at the age of 16. He was previously a trusted owner and founder of a well known online financial community which reached over 200,000 members, and generated nearly 100k per month in revenue.
    Currently, Jason works with luxury real estate agents in Las Vegas and has been involved in many real estate transactions involving high profile clients. After the sale of three penthouses on the Las Vegas Strip, Jason and his business partner now hold the record for the highest price per square foot ever sold in Las Vegas history.

    We are excited to have Jason on our team and his goal is to help you be in the know of what is new and exciting at Cash Texts.
    Click on the links below to join the Forum and "Like" our Fan Page.



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