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    Indirect Marketing Questions

    By Michael Oliver

    Sometimes asking a direct question will get you a short answer that won’t give you much to work with or it takes time to expand on.

    So here’s a way to power up your questioning skills and get deeper and more meaningful answers… Turn some of your direct questions into Indirect Questions.

    Doing so will take you into a zone beyond the factual, who, what, why, where, when and how!

    Here are some examples:

    Instead of asking: How would you do that differently?

    Ask: So what would you say the differences are between what you have done and what you would do now, if you could do it all over again?

    Instead of asking: What don’t you like about the pharmaceutical drugs you’re taking?

    Ask: Is there anything you don’t like about your pharmaceutical drugs, and if there is, how that would affect your decision to take something else if it was available.

    If you agree with the Natural Selling philosophy that “People have the answers, and all you need are the right types of questions”, you’ll notice that by rephrasing the direct question, and asking for a descriptive answer, the likelihood is that you’ll get what you want!

    Do it yourself. Take a moment and answer the questions I gave you. If they aren’t relevant, take a question that YOU ask of others, turn it into an Indirect Question and then answer it. Observe how you FEEL about your own answer.

    Indirect Questions;

    Stimulate and engage on both the intellectual and emotional levels

    Help your potential partner/customer to think

    They are interesting to the other person (Interesting for you as well because you can get an incredible amount of depth and personal vision in the answers)

    Asking questions and knowing how to respond to the answers is of course the key to success in effectively talking with people and building a business quickly. You can find the structure as well as the types of questions to ask in my best selling book (hard copy, eBook or Audio version) called “How to How to Sell Network Marketing without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” Click here for details

    So sprinkle your dialogue with the occasional Indirect Question and be prepared for deeper more meaningful answers that you can use to drill down deeper into the heart buttons.

    In the meantime, contrast for me if you would, the difference in the quality of answers you get from the questions you’re presently asking, and the answers you would get if you turned some of them into Indirect Questions!”

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