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    Bids That Give Update

    I don't know what your intention is or was to fill out
    the lead form on my website, but that's just a lead

    But this email goes to everyone who have already

    Some of you might have joined in the mean time
    and some not.

    For 10 bux you can't be wrong, some joined with
    the 250, some with lower packages.

    It's not all complete, but you will see progress this
    week and over time.

    Bidify for instance it has taken 4 months until they
    have open up the revenue share pool, when I signed
    up as a founder.

    I bet this will not take here as long as that, for sure
    not, maybe this week already, but it will come earlier.

    So... now the question is who join and who refer the
    most will make the most buck in the end much
    faster then people who hesitate.

    Here is an update from my upline:

    Here is some additional information and follow-up:

    1. The site
    is open, and many of you now have access to the system. After reviewing
    the terms and conditions, you can enter your account, complete your
    registration, and go through some of the the features of the back
    office. Make sure to review and edit your personal info as needed. Some
    may have access but have not yet received an email. This may be in part
    to an error in your email address. You can check to see if you have an
    active site by going to bid bidambassadors . com/ yourusername. This will
    help you to check to see if you are in the system... If not, see below.

     The genealogy is not current. Members are being
    added in batches and there is a delay in completing the upgrade. Support
     has reported that the genealogy should be caught up by Monday morning.
    If you do not yet have access to the system, or you are missing
    teammates, please wait until Monday when the integration is complete.

     Genealogy Check - once you gain access to your back office, check your
    genealogy to ensure your personal enrollments are in place and encourage
     your team to do the same. If you are missing anyone, please wait until
    Monday afternoon to contact support. Most people will be in place by
    then. Errors in placement can then be resolved through support.

     Username changes - some have reported some problems with user name
    changes. However, some have been able to complete the change. The IT
    team is working on a solution, it is a priority task. Support can make
    the change manually if you want this expedited, or a fix should be
    available shortly.

    5. Bid Purchases - until advised,
    do not make additional bid purchases in the back office. This should be
    possible in the next day or two; members will be able to make additional
     purchases using their iWallets and cashiers checks when available, and
    eWallets very soon.

    6. Credit Cards - at this time, CC
     are not available for subscription purchases.  New members can enroll
    using an ACH transaction on personal or business bank accounts.

     iWallet - this is an internal tool that will allow you to make bid
    purchases, pay subscriptions, and also allow you to transfer money to
    other users. Commissions from the sale of wholesale bid packages and
    monthly bonuses are paid to your iWallet. You then have a choice of how
    to use, purchase more bids, transfer to your eWallet, etc.

     Videos - two videos will be made available this week. The first is the
    video that was previewed at the event in Vegas. This is being edited and
     will be made available Tue or Wed this week. The second is a short
    video used to promote the auction site and the charities. This should be
     available around Wednesday.

    9. eWallets will be made available shortly as well; which will allow you
    to move money into and out of your account.

    10. The site will go through several enhancements this week to add the
    other modules; you will see several changes as we go.

    11. The next events are scheduled for Aug 11 and 25. Dates for September
    have not yet been released, but is tentatively set for the first and third
    Saturdays of the month.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    So if you haven't joined yet, do it now, go to my site and decide what
    level you want to participate in and watch the presentation.

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